Blue feather

If I ever decide 2 get marry,I would love 2 be proposed by a blue feather&forget me not flowers. (Symbolizes true love,happiness,and your love dwelling in your heart.Symbolizes devotion,hope,memories,&faithful love) Forget diamond rings,I want a blue feather proposal under the stars by a moonlight blue lake. <3 Pretty cheesy,but yea.It would make me happier then I’ve ever been all my life.

harvest moon

  • Anyone: What's wrong?
  • My mind: I used to do so well in school but I'm not anymore.
  • My mind: The people I call friends, aren't my actual friends.
  • My mind: I'm constantly feeling alone.
  • My mind: I'm starting to look at myself different.
  • My mind: Nothing feels the same anymore.
  • My mind: I feel like I'm going to fail at anything I try to do.
  • My mind: I feel like no one cares about me.
  • My mind: I just wanna sleep all day and never wake up.
  • Me: Oh nothing I'm fine.

The way you stare as if you see right through to my soul